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Steudltenn Theatre Festival

The theatre, in one of the most famous valleys in the world!
A barn with foundation walls dating back to the 13th century, the name Zillertal, which is known beyond the borders, and the region in the heart of Europe, which is very active in terms of tourism, lay the foundation for an international troupe, professional in all areas, under Tyrolean management, to grasp themes of the time in terms of content and to perform them theatrically.
The Zillertal Theatre Festival offers a variety of cultural features in the foreground of the Tyrolean cultural landscape. Philosophical questions, great mysteries, hidden stories and cult classics can be found as theatre, concerts, readings, outdoor installations, children's and youth projects and farmers' markets in the ninth SteudlTenn programme.

Open-air Concerts and Club Parties

Concerts by the local music band or club parties with music and dancing dominate the summer in the Zillertal. Visit such an event and experience cosiness, music and the offered Zillertal specialties such as "Zillertaler Krapfen" or the Zillertal beer brewed in the Zillertal.

“stummer schrei” – the cultural festival in Zillertal

It all began in 2004 with a vision. The idea at that time was to organise a cultural festival in the small village of Stumm in Zillertal where local artists could join together with visiting artists during the summer months to entertain a larger audience. Meanwhile, the “stummer schrei” festival has become a well established event with its own firm place in Tyrol’s cultural summer calendar, and it attracts a wide audience from all over Austria to Zillertal. The local residents see the “stummer schrei” festival as a way to express their love of their homeland and as a proud attempt to show off their own culture. The festival presents a colourful programme of theatre, music and culture and it will take place annually!

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