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Our playground and petting zoo.

The Wachterhof is colorful, but the most adventurous spots are probably our playground and petting zoo. Here, not only does wallaby Mandu, the cuddly patron of our adventure world, live and await you. On the large area for playing and having fun, moving and meeting with friends, you'll also find a climbing and balancing structure, a small climbing wall, a slide, swings and seesaws, an XXL trampoline, a sandbox, a playhouse and a small watercourse. If you're a little tired but still curious, you should definitely pay a visit to our farm animals. Little secret: They're not just cooly woolly...

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Once upon a time at the Wachterhof in Kaltenbach: The animals on the farm had just made themselves comfortable for the night when there was a knock on the stable door.

Everybody looked at each other – who could this be? Willi the Sheep, he was something like the leader of the animals, opened the door. There stood a small wallaby, trembling and coughing. “Hello, my name is Mandu, do you have a place for tonight?”


Willi looked at him in a friendly way - hospitality is very important here at the Wachterhof - and invited Mandu in. He was still trembling, and his cough could probably still be heard on the other side of the valley.


The other animals had all come running in the meantime and started eying the newcomer with interest. Melli, Willi’s daughter, was especially curious: "Where are you from, what are you doing here, how long will you stay?" The words gushed out of her. And the other animals couldn’t control themselves anymore – the questions really poured down on poor Mandu. He could hardly stand on his feet anymore. Willi intervened and shooed Melli and the others to the side.


First, he gave Mandu something to eat and drink, and then he took his famous healing potion out of the box: “Here, this will do you good. This is real spruce top honey, or Moalach, as it is called here.” Mandu took a big spoonful: “Mmm, that tastes good, too” he sighed, and fell asleep. The other animals also calmed down again and soon many snores could be heard from the stable. Melli was the first to wake up the next morning. She immediately ran over to Mandu and nudged him. “Are you feeling better already? I’m Melli, let's play, I’ll show you everything!” Mandu stretched. “I haven't slept so well in a long time”, he said, and then in amazement and delight, “and my cough is gone, too!”


Melli took Mandu with her and showed him all the special features of the Wachterhof: the watercourse, the balancing path, the handicap course, the fast slide, the great swing and the cool trampoline. Then she took him to the edge of the forest and introduced him to the deer, who had never seen an animal like Mandu before. The days passed by quickly, and Mandu and Melli and the other animals at the farm became good friends.


Life could not have been more beautiful. But Mandu had never answered the question where he had come from that night. And when one day, the post eagle Anton delivered a big parcel for Mandu, the life of the Wachterhof animals was turned upside down again – but that is another story…

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Gastfreundschaft, die ans Herz geht: In unseren Ferienwohnungen im Hochzillertal begrüßen wir Gäste wie Freunde. 

Private Spa & Behandlungen 

Kaminknistern, Privatsauna, eigener Whirlpool, und auf Wunsch eine Massage im Apartment: So geht Wellness am Wachterhof! 


Ob frische Frühstücksbrötchen, Leckeres von Chef Lorenzo oder ein komplettes Party-Menü: Ihr wünscht, wir liefern!