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What is made from milk and how does it get into the carton,...?
Adults and children can experience the entire hay milk production path at the ErlebnisSennerei Zillertal Dairy. Children can see how cheese is made at the Show Dairy, where it matures and how it is looked after, how filling machines work and much more.

The new and popular highlight in the SHow Dairy: GENUSSlöffeln (the PLEASURE spoon). Young visitors especially enjoy the taste of hay milk and yoghurts! Each one tastes better than the next - and you will soon find your favourite

Nature’s Ice Palace at the Hintertux Glacier

Nature’s Ice Palace at the Hintertux Glacier is a natural gem, unique worldwide and an ideal year round excursion destination for the whole family. The entrance to this ice cave is only a 3 to 4 minute walk from the top station of the glacierbus 3 lift. On guided tours, visitors are asked to „Step inside” to this wonderful world deep beneath the ski slopes and discover a glacial crevasse with magical ice stalactites, giant sparkling ice crystals, frozen waterfalls and even a glacial lake.

Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens

After its third and thus far largest expansion, the Swarovski Crystal Worlds spread out over 7.5 hectares and has several new facets to show. One of the highlights is the Crystal Cloud, consisting of some 800,000 hand-mounted crystals. Daniels. Café Restaurant promises unforgettable culinary delights – no less for the delectable patisserie inside. The biggest attraction for our little visitors is hard to miss: The playtower offers four levels of fun for children and the whole family.


The fascinat ion of water takes center stage.

As a natural phenomenon, in the waterfall center, at the aquaszenarium and the aquapark – this interactive experience thrills guests of all ages with the inspiring power of water.
An ideal starting point for a visit to the Krimml Waterfalls is the modern Krimml Worlds of Water. This innovative adventure center is a combination of educational entertainment, sensory experience and active participation.

Jenbach Museum

The museum with its 700 m2 floor space and 19 rooms is dedicated to the following themes, showing exhibits, photographs, and documents:
Industry: scythe manufacture, Jenbacher Werke, trains
Nature: butterflies, birds, fungi, snails, shells
Sport: alpine and winter sport
History: Jenbach, important people from Jenbach, the South Tyrol "Option" of 1939

Achensee Steam Cog Railway

The world's oldest steam-powered cog rail trains are over 117 years old. Whistling locomotives, hissing and steaming vents, pounding pistons, and hammering exhaust bursts guarantee an unforgettable steam train experience. Starting at the Jenbach train station, the journey to the Achensee takes 45 minutes and overcomes a gradient of 16 %. The Achensee is the largest lake of the Tyrol. There is a direct connection to the ships on the Achensee.

Tratzberg Castle

A majestic romantic fortress, Tratzberg Castle sits atop a massive rock ledge and commands a breathtaking view of the Inn valley. It has already servered Emperor Maximilian I. and the Fuggers as a hunting lodge and since 1848 it has been the private property of the Counts Enzenberg. The castle is considered one of the most beautiful Late-Gothic castles in Europe and the tour of the castle is not only historically fascinating, but unusual also in its richly entertaining character. 


Close by the Inn river, the medieval city of Rattenberg - the smallest in Austria - hugs the mountainside. Its 600 inhabitants live in restored town houses. Rattenberg is also called the "Glass City", offering everything that makes glass beautiful: engraved and painted glass, crystal glass, dishes, cups, bowls, etc. You can also watch glassblowers demostrate their skills.

Graveyard Museum "without the dead"

A trip to the city of Rattenberg is ideal for a visit of the so-called "exemplary cemetary". This cemetary "without the dead", which has been put together with a lot of hard work by the Guggenberger Family, beautiful examples of old craftsmanship have found a new home. Visitors are inspired by the inscriptions to consider life and death in a pleasant and contemplative atmosphere.


With a holiday in Innsbruck and the surrounding holiday villages, you are guaranteed unique experiences in BOTH the city and the mountains alike.Where else can you go from a fascinating medieval city centre up to the sunny terrace of a mountain restaurant at an altitude of 2,000 meters in barely 30 minutes? As you take a leisurely stroll through Innsbruck’s old town, don't forget to stop by in one of the many picturesque street cafés before you continue to explore the quaint alleys and medieval arcades with their unique shops full of charming, extravagant and often typical Tyrolean products. 

Golden Roof

Visit the interactive museum with their newly adapted show rooms dedicated to the life and times of Emperor Maximilian I (1459-1519). The new "Children's World" invites young visitors on an exciting journey of discovery in the museum. Enjoy a magnificent view from the grandiose bay of the Golden Roof.

Alpine Zoo

More than 2000 animals belonging to 150 species from all over the Alps are waiting for you in the highest zoo in Europe. Animals of all sizes have found their home in the Alpine Zoo: the kinglet with its 5 grams is a real lightweight, whereas the Bearded Vulture with its 3 m wingspan is the largest bird of the Alps. The special experience for the entire family!

Cruising on Lake Achensee

Enjoyment is the motto if you take a cruise on Lake Achensee. Our ships, the “Stadt Innsbruck” and the “Tirol”, pamper guests with their on-board catering. Of course, the ships also offer accessible travel so that nothing will dampen the fun. The enjoyment motto carries on in Gaisalm, the only alpine lodge which can only be reached by boat or on foot. Here, far away from the pressures of everyday life, it is easy to take a break and relax. 

Silver Mine Schwaz

Take an extraordinary tour into a world with no daylight, which was created in the 15 hundreds. A breathtaking journey for adults and kids in "The Mother of all Mines". The exciting adventure starts with a 7 minute train ride deep into the heart of the mountain. Inside the mine your tour guide will introduce you to a mesmerizing almost forgotten world that provided 30,000 with a living and the world with 85% of its silver. A world that allows a glimpse back into stunning and incredible times past. 90 Minutes full of enchantment and excitement. Take a deep breath, the air in the mine is healthy and does you good. Immerse yourself and be astounded.

Kufstein Fortress

For over 800 years, the fortress Festung Kufstein has been visited by people from all walks of life. During the first few centuries, the "visitors" were mainly enemy armies whose aim was to conquer the fortress. Nowadays, this impressive landmark is very popular among visitors from all over the world. In the old days, you had to fight a battle in order to gain entry. Today, many centuries later, we can offer you an exciting and interesting programme for visitors both young and old. We offer exciting tours of the fortress, and you can also visit our museums and exhibitions. 

Zeiss Planetarium

In different shows (programmes for adults and children), you can discover the workings of the world and the universe around us. The planetarium catches the stars for you or transports you to the edge of the universe, depending on the programme you choose.

Tyrolean Farmstead Museum

The Tyrolean Farmstead Museum Association was founded in autumn 1974 with the objective of illustrating the life and work of the farming community in the Tyrol in the pre-industrial period. Since then, fourteen farmhouses and numerous outbuildings have been saved from demolition in North, East and South Tyrol and moved to the grounds of the museum. A 90-minute walk will now show you what life on the farm was like in earlier centuries.

Adventure Gold Mining

Take part in adventures of former centuries. Feel the life inside the mountain und catch a glimpse of the history of 350 years of a nearly forgotten branch of economy, an impressive multi-media-presentation will give you an idea. The excursion starts at the cheese-factory just beside the zoo in "Hainzenberg". The guided tour takes about 2 hours all together.

Zillertal Steam Train

Make a trip to the Zillertal be enchanted with the steam train from Jenbach through the Zillertal. Where already the journey is an experience, you can live the long-forgotten feeling of a nostalgic journey back in time. 

Travel relaxed, without stress - right to your holiday destination or take a day of your holiday to explore the steam train between Jenbach and Mayrhofen. Feel the love and the charm of past times and marvel at the fascinating landscape of the Zillertal.

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