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Zillertal Nature Park

The nature park extends from an elevation of ca. 1000 m to 3,509 m in the Central Alps. Depending on factors such as altitude, exposure, geological features, or history of development in each spot, you will find a variety of different habitats as well as plant and animal species here. With the vertical expanse of the high mountain nature park, the number of habitats is very large, and the flora and fauna are very diverse. Glaciers cover a considerable part of the nature park and have characterized the landscape from the beginning. Along with natural factors, people have also strongly influenced the natural and cultural landscape. People's lifestyle and economic activities can be easily seen in the environment and have contributed to the charm of the diverse and romanticized mountain landscape in the Alps.


The goal is to make the nature park accessible for locals and tourists alike, as an attractive destination for recreation and experiences in unspoilt nature. The protection of both natural and cultivated landscapes is intended to go hand in hand with meeting the demands of those seeking recreation, so that both sides profit from it - tourism with an understanding of and rexpect for the park's values and special features, without disturbing nature. Various institutions and an extensive summer programme with 230 guided theme hikes are reasons enough to experience the nature park.

Summer program

From May to October, the Nature Park summer program offers more then 200 guided hiking tours led by our Nature Park guides. There are more than thirty various themes for these treks. The hiking tours are just as oriented to visitors as they are to local citizens whom the Nature Park can then get to know from a whole new perspective – regardless of whether you're on our hiking tour to the Berliner Hütte, our "herb walk", on a Nature Photography hike with our natural wildlife photographer, Watching Wildlife or a trek with Peter Habeler on the Ahornspitze mountain. Naturally there are also special offers for families and children, such as the the children's expedition at the Glocke. Hiking tours are free-of-charge for guests of our Nature Park partner businesses.

We are happy to assist you in choosing hikes or explorations in the Zillertal Nature Park.

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